Museum Tour Guide

  • Volet de programme : Jeunesse Canada au travail dans les établissements du patrimoine
  • Titre de l'emploi : Museum Tour Guide
  • Nom de l’organisme : Bowen Heritage
  • Lieu de l’emploi : Bowen Island, Colombie-Britannique
  • Durée de l'emploi : 2018-06-05 à 2018-08-27 (12 semaines)
  • Salaire horaire : 14,00 $

Bowen Heritage operates a small museum and an information centre and organizes fun, family-friendly educational events and materials (written and digital). We want university students with interests in history, museum management, creative writing, media arts or community organizing. Friendly with strangers, organized, digitally adept, well-written and curious about history and community are all important assets. Job equity applicants are of particular interest. Send written resume to PO Box 78, Bowen Island, B.C. V0N 1G0 or eml to on or before May 15th, 2018 for a start date of June 4th.

Bowen Island is a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay which is a 40 minute bus ride from downtown Vancouver. The ferry docks on Bowen Island at the edge of a small village and an easy walk, immediately behind the stores and restaurants, finds our museum and information centre. The rest of the island is forested or residential, with fine beaches, beautiful hikes and friendly, creative people. We are a community ranked as the 4th most artistic small community in Canada. The region is wet and grey for much of the year, but summers are usually hot and sunny and everyone takes every opportunity to enjoy the nice weather. Bowen Island is part of the Islands Trust which has protected it from large-scale development, making it one of the top three greenest spaces in the region: easy to get to, natural, healthy and interesting. A popular tourist destination and you can be part of the fun!

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