Project Manager - Moncton Museum

  • Volet de programme : Jeunesse Canada au travail pour une carrière vouée au patrimoine
  • Titre de l'emploi : Project Manager - Moncton Museum
  • Nom de l’organisme : Resurgo Place
  • Lieu de l’emploi : Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick
  • Durée de l'emploi : 2018-09-10 à 2019-03-22 (24 semaines)
  • Salaire horaire : 15,00 $

Project Manager – Moncton Museum

Languages of work: English and French

Resurgo Place (Moncton Museum)

20 Mountain Road, Moncton, NB, E1C 2J8

(506) 856-4383

Resurgo Place, the home of the Moncton Museum and Transportation Discovery Centre, offers an array of educational programs and cultural outreach programs. The Moncton Museum remains the keystone of Resurgo Place and offers permanent and temporary exhibitions. The temporary exhibitions are located in two different galleries. Rented travelling exhibitions are displayed for periods of 4 months. In-house temporary exhibitions are presented in the Union Centre Gallery for shorter periods of time outside of the high season.

The Museum’s collection is housed on-site either on display or in one of the three storage areas. The museum also operates a research room that allows the employees, some volunteers as well as the general public to conduct research on Moncton’s history and heritage.

The Project Manager – Moncton Museum is responsible for creating a temporary exhibition that will be on display in the Union Centre Gallery over the Holiday season. With the help of each department within museum, you will take this project from idea to implementation, including programming and advertising. This includes: the research, artefact selection, writing, and design of temporary exhibitions (Exhibition); research and user support in the research centre (Research); the accession, care, movement and storage of artefacts in the collection (Collection); the conceptualization, development, delivery and evaluation of educational activities and interpretation for the exhibition (Programming); and all aspects related to the promotion of the exhibition including poster design, social media campaign, press release and opening event (Communication).

The ideal candidate must have completed a university degree majoring in History, Heritage Studies, Geography, Education or another related field. You must have some experience working in museums, historic sites or other heritage institutions open to the public. Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. You must be fluently bilingual- French and English. Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Publisher and Excel is expected. The position requires self-motivation, good organizational skills, attention to detail and ability to work in a team environment. Knowledge of history, geography and culture of Greater Moncton would be an asset.

The City of Moncton is an equal opportunity employer.

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Characteristics of City/ Region:

Resurgo Place is located in Moncton, New Brunswick. Greater Moncton (within 15 km) is home to 144,810 people. Moncton is a vibrant city that has for mission: “working together to grow our economy and improve the quality of life for all citizens.” Moncton was traditionally known as a gateway to cultural experiences. The revitalization of the historically significant Petitcodiac River and its world renowned Tidal Bore over the past decade is symbolic of the solid reputation Moncton has built. As the tide grows ever stronger, so does its commitment to its culture and heritage. The City of Moncton continues to invest in tools to develop and protect heritage and cultural assets, by the adoption of the 2016-2026 Cultural Plan, the upcoming release of the Public Art Master Plan, the implementation of the Bilingualism Action Plan, the update of the Heritage Preservation By-law, the expansion of key facilities (e.g. Magnetic Hill Zoo, Resurgo Place- 2014, Downing Place), the construction of the Downtown Centre (slated to open in September 2018) and the continued support of numerous cultural events.

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