Cultural Community Coordinator

  • Volet de programme : Jeunesse Canada au travail dans les deux langues officielles
  • Titre de l'emploi : Cultural Community Coordinator
  • Nom de l’organisme : Yorkton Film Festival
  • Lieu de l’emploi : Yorkton, Saskatchewan
  • Durée de l'emploi : 2018-05-14 à 2018-08-31 (15 semaines)
  • Salaire horaire : 11,00 $

It’s perceived that all important events happen in Toronto, YFF gives the industry a shake hosting a world-class national event in Saskatchewan. The YFF, year round, promotes, develops, coordinates world class screenings and events in local communities across Canada.

Yorkton is recognized as a national leader in the film and video genre, with the GSA coveted nation-wide by filmmakers and industry leaders.

The Festival is part of worldwide group of short film festivals that keeps the short film movement strong. Short film plays a vital role in research and development of the art form and identifying artistic and technical innovation and new talent.

The Festival continues to play an important role, bridges the gap between the feature film and mainstream festivals that take place in Toronto, Banff, and Vancouver and student festivals that happen across the country. YFF has remained a festival for filmmakers where the craft and art of filmmaking is honoured and celebrated.

This is achieved through an annual festival that connects film makers with industry professionals to foster professional development; by organizing year-round community screenings that connect Canadian content with Canadian audiences; by engaging the community involvement by fostering volunteer opportunities and providing opportunities to Saskatchewan film makers; by making Yorkton the tourism destination of choice to national, international film, television industries.

Deadline for applications - April 30, 2018

The City of Yorkton has a population reaching 20,000 people with a trading area of

150,000 people.

Yorkton is located on three major highway corridors: TransCanada Yellowhead 16,

Saskota 9 and Highway 10.

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