Community Engagement Intern

  • Volet de programme : Jeunesse Canada au travail pour une carrière vouée au patrimoine
  • Titre de l'emploi : Community Engagement Intern
  • Nom de l’organisme : Commonwealth Association of Museums
  • Lieu de l’emploi : Edmonton, Alberta
  • Durée de l'emploi : 2017-10-01 à 2018-03-31 (26 semaines)
  • Salaire horaire : 13,60 $

The intern will be employed by the Commonwealth Association of Museums under the overall direction of the Secretary-General and report to the Project Development Manager, Museums Association of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia.

The intern will:

1. Assist in planning a regional workshop for the Human Remains Management Project by identifying speakers and participants and assisting with logistical arrangements such as venue, fund development, technical requirements, and hospitality.

2. Maintain communication among project partners in Namibia, South Africa and Botswana and extend the partnership to include ICOM ICME, ETHCOM and National Committees.

3. Develop a basic project website using a free system such as Weebly or Wordpress and post information from project partners that will be launched during the workshop.

4. Research and plan a travelling exhibition about human remains management to increase awareness of the issue in southern Africa to be launched during the workshop.

5. Work with staff at the Iziko Museums of South Africa to identify human remains to be repatriated to Namibia as a pilot repatriation initiative

6. Work with local indigenous communities to identify their concerns about what to do with the remains once they are repatriated, plan for, draft protocols and facilitate a pilot repatriation (if possible during the workshop)

7. Assist MAN in initiatives to support the museum community in Namibia

8. Develop a proposal to hold the CAM 2020 triennial general assembly in Windhoek or elsewhere in the region, including potential host/partner, dates, theme, funders, etc.

The Commonwealth Association of Museums supports the development of museums and museum workers throughout the Commonwealth. CAM is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation based in Alberta, one of 80 accredited Commonwealth Organizations and 20 Affiliated Organizations of the International Council of Museums. Thus we have formal status, and represent Canada, at meetings of the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM), the Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM), as well as the Advisory Committee to ICOM at UNESCO in Paris.

The Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) is an NGO (`Section 21 Association-not-for-profit) that receives an annual grant-in-aid from the Namibian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture to support regional museum development. MAN works with over thirty regional museums, art galleries and cultural villages as well as with communities and institutions that are trying to establish new projects.

Namibia is a democratic country in southwest Africa which obtained its independence from South African colonial rule in 1990. The current (3rd) President of Namibia is H.E. President Hage Geingob. The brief period of German colonial rule has also left its mark on the city in terms of the architecture and cuisine. Whilst the economy was initially built on livestock and mining (diamonds and uranium being the most important commodities), the tourism sector has grown significantly. Namibia is internationally famous for its wildlife (including the largest population of cheetahs of any country in the world) and the role of community conservancies in protecting large game. However, poaching has become a significant problem in recent years.

Windhoek is a small city, but contains a wide range of shops, restaurants and recreational activities (including a municipal swimming pool and two cinemas). The internship will take place during the hottest part of the year, but that also includes the rainy seasons. Whilst climate change has made the seasons less predictable the best rains usually falling in the period from January to March. English, as the national language, is widely spoken in Windhoek (although Namibia does have eleven main languages).

The intern should check with the Canadian government website for up to date advisories: Windhoek is a reasonable safe city, but the intern should heed the advice of Museums aAsociation staff and other locals about where to go after dark and try not to walk alone in isolated areas, particularly in and around the city. Exercise common sense and keep a watchful eye. Do not give handouts to street children or beggars. Lonely Planet provides basic safety information and the Centre for Disease Control health information:


• University degree in a related field such as museum studies, information management, history, native studies, cultural or physical anthropology, archaeology

• Excellent communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal)

• An ability to read, assimilate, and synthesize specialist knowledge acquired through research

• Fluency in English

• IT skills: Microsoft Word; Excel; email; and social media platforms

• Graphic design skills not essential as the intern will be assisting MAN staff with design skills, but would be helpful


Must not have participated in a federal government internship program previously; Canadian citizen or permanent resident with provincial health enrollment. Open to young, unemployed and underemployed graduates (must not have graduated more than 24 months previously).

Send letter of interest and resume by email to Keely McCavitt Internship Coordinator, Commonwealth Association of Museums, 10023 93 Street, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5H 1W6; for more information call: 1-780-424-2229

Deadline for applications: August 25, 2017

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