Environmental Coordinator

  • Volet de programme : Jeunesse Canada au travail dans les deux langues officielles
  • Titre de l'emploi : Environmental Coordinator
  • Nom de l’organisme : Camp Cosmos
  • Lieu de l’emploi : Montréal, Québec
  • Durée de l'emploi : 2017-05-22 à 2017-08-11 (12 semaines)
  • Salaire horaire : 14,00 $

Camp Cosmos is a summer day camp for children from families on low-income, particularly those of single-parent, refugee, immigrant, and/or Indigenous background(s). The camp is located in downtown Montreal, between the McGill and Place-des-Arts metros. We are an environmental camp committed to providing a summer of fun and discovery for our campers. We celebrate the richness that diversity of experience brings to our camp community.

Each summer, our environmental programming provides the opportunity for our campers to connect with the natural world through activities such as urban gardening, farm visits, outdoor exploration, and vermi-composting. The camp hopes to inspire campers and staff alike to reduce their ecological footprint through recycling and composting. The Environmental Education Project seeks to connect our environmental programming with our anti-oppressive approach in order to work in solidarity with diverse environmental movements.

Job Description:

Working as a team with the Camp Coordinator and other program coordinators, the Environmental Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the 6-week summer environmental programming. This will include coordinating with existing community partners such as Santropol Roulant and the Éco-Quartier St-Jacques as well as outreach to new community partners. The Environmental Coordinator will also design and deliver environmental training for camp staff and campers, and lend support to the Camp Coordinator as needed on an ongoing basis.


- Research and make contact with other community organizations and/or individuals who promote environmental practices, particularly as environmentalism relates to members of various cultural communities and Indigenous communities, in order to broaden environmental analysis/activities.

- Develop and implement environmental training for camp staff

- Research and present info on environmental education with kids, and teach campers about water resource

- In partnership with the Camp Coordinator, develop the six-week camp program for each age group and book camp outings with an environmental focus

- In partnership with the Camp Coordinator, acquire all needed material (e.g. soil, planters and seeds; toxic-free paint and empty water bottles for arts and crafts; etc)

- Create a mechanism (mural, chalkboard, art project) to chart the amount of recycling/composting/garbage accumulated every day at camp.

- Coordinate composting of camp food waste; ensure recycling bins and compost containers are available at camp

- Work as a Camp Counsellor throughout the 6 weeks of camp

- Participate in daily staff meetings

- Write a final report after camp has finished

- Collect surveys/evaluations regarding the Environmental program at Camp Cosmos

Work plan:

Week 1-4:

- Orientation; meeting with Director of Montreal City Mission and Camp Cosmos Coordinator

- Contact existing community partners to touch base (City of Montreal’s “Zero Waste Camp” program; Santropol Roulant; Eco-quartier St-Jacques; CRAPAUD; Compost Montreal, Action Communiterre; Sentier Urbain)

- Identify other potential community partners and contact them

- In partnership with the Camp Coordinator, develop and organize the 6-week environmental program, respecting camp budget: liaise with Eco-quartier St-Jacques to organize composting workshops for campers; liaise with Santropol Roulant to coordinate urban gardening activities for campers; research and compile environmental activities for kids; book camp outings with an environmental focus

- Develop a system for measuring waste produced at camp (garbage, recyclables, compostables)

- Develop workshops focus on water resource issues (Au fil de l’eau)

- Develop staff environmental training

- Acquire all needed material for environmental training and camp activities

Weeks 5-6:

- Participate in general, full camp-staff training

- Facilitate environmental training for staff

Weeks 7-12:

- Work as a camp counsellor for your assigned age group

- Oversee implementation of environmental programming

- Facilitate workshop(s) and activities with campers as needed

- Maintain communication with community partners

- Confirm outings three days in advance

- Participate in daily staff meetings


- Working knowledge of a second language (French or English), strong communication in a first language (French or English), additional languages an asset

- Love and appreciation of nature; motivation to minimize personal and camp’s ecological footprint

- Commitment to principles of anti-oppression

- Experience working with children

- Ability to work as part of a team

- Experience with program planning and evaluation

- Experience in leadership position an asset

- Strong communicator (listening, expressing)

- Good interpersonal skills

- Ability to think outside the box

- Good knowledge of water challenge

- Good time management skills

* References required


We encourage participation of the Government of Canada’s job equity groups and take this seriously. We always strive to achieve a gender balance, and have staff from diverse cultural and linguistic groups, including First Nations, and socio-economic backgrounds.


- Salary to be determined by Young Canada Works ($12-$14/hr)

- 7hrs/day before and after camp: 9am-5pm (unpaid lunch)

- 8hrs/day during Camp: 8:30am-4:30pm (paid lunch)

- 12 weeks From May 22 to August 11

Please send your CV to Philippe Besner, either by email at campcosmosmontreal@gmail.com or by fax at 514-844-0067

Check out our website at www.campcosmos.org

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